The World’s Biggest Buildings

Is big always best? Some architects certainly seem to believe so, and have created some truly gargantuan buildings around the world. These marvels of design and construction are truly stunning to behold, though you might feel small when you gaze upon them. There are some huge buildings currently around the world, but with each year we see even bigger ones being designed and built – where will it end?

The World’s Largest Building

The Boeing Everett Factory takes the prize for the largest usable structure by volume. Its 4.3 million square feet of floor space are used to build aeroplanes, but there are also several cafes and banks on the site now.

The Biggest Casino Ever Constructed

If you thought the biggest casino ever built would be in Vegas, think again. While the MGM Grand was once the largest casino complex, nowadays the Venetian in Macau takes the crown. As the seventh largest building in the world, it boasts a whopping 10,500,000 square feet of floor space, is home to 4,200 table games and slots, 53 bars and restaurants, as well as hotel rooms. The second largest can be found just across the road at Macau’s City of Dreams.

The Tallest Skyscraper

The mighty Burj Khalifa in Dubai is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world, stretching up to a dizzying 829m high. The 211 floors can be accessed by 58 different elevators and it’s home to nightclubs, restaurants and bars among others.

The Biggest Parliament Building

The People’s Palace in Bucharest is an example of communist grandeur. With over 1,100 rooms it is second only to the Pentagon in terms of the largest civilian building in the world.

The Largest Palace

The Royal Palace of Madrid, built way back in 1755 with a floor space of 1,450,000 square feet, remains the largest palace to this day and is officially home to the Spanish Royal family.

Massive Museum

Originally a 12th century fortress, the Louvre in Paris has been operating as a museum since the late 18th century.