The Rise of the Tiny House

With the population ever rising and urban areas expanding further into green zones, a shortage of living spaces is fast becoming a reality. There are several solutions to this problem, such as building large apartment blocks or encouraging shared housing. However, one solution that is becoming increasingly popular is the idea of “Tiny Houses”. Already popular in The States, the tiny house movement is slowly but surely catching on in the UK. Far more than just a gimmick, these small abodes are on the rise, providing affordable living spaces for thousands of people.

What Are They?

As the name suggests, they are fully functional houses, scaled right down to allow for easy mobility and space saving. Completely insulated, watertight and furnished, they are available in a range of sizes, some of which can fit up to six people. They’re available either “connected”, whereby water and electricity are included from a static property, or “off grid”, with additional options for those looking for cleaner energy.

Who Can Live In Them?

The short answer is pretty much anyone who doesn’t mind small spaces. However, the vast majority of tiny house owners at the moment are university students looking for a more affordable option than traditional digs. They’re also great for giving a teenager a little independence, and can easily be erected in a garden, normally without planning permission. Others use them as offices, while some adventurous spirits use them to travel the world, waking up to a new view every morning. The possibilities are only limited to the confines of your imagination.

How Do They Work?

You have two choices when purchasing a tiny house, you can either opt to build it yourself from a kit, or buy it ready constructed. They’re relatively easy to put together, and there are many additional extras available to make the place your own. Since they’re so small they rarely require planning permission and can be erected on any plot of land you have permission to place it on. Otherwise, keep it mobile, using a trailer to move from place to place.