A Guide to Building Your Own Poker Table

If you enjoy little construction projects, and you are also a fan of card games, why not make your very own poker table? Buying a table like this brand new would cost a lot of money, so you’d definitely be saving yourself a few pounds, and it’s going to be a fun challenge too. You might enjoy a variety of different casino sites like mr green company information and others, but having your own poker table at home where you can play adds an extra element to the game. Plus, it’s an enjoyable social activity to gather all your mates together.

So let’s get into it, how exactly can you make your own poker table? Oak plywood is the material that is recommended, this is what most professional poker tables are made from too. Consider the size and shape of the wood, keeping in mind that your standard table will fit 10 players comfortably so you should be looking to make it fairly large. Draw with pencil on the wood, the shape and size of the table before you start cutting to help avoid any mistakes. Next, it’s time to cut out your tabletop using an electric saw. You should finish by sanding the top of the plywood to give it a professional looking finish.

Cut out a 2-inch shape of foam that is slightly longer and wider than you want your table to be. Spray a strong adhesive to the outside of your poker table, and slowly lay down the foam. You are finally getting a poker style look to your table, but it isn’t quite complete yet. Add glue to the foam area of the table before laying down green velvet or felt. Gently pull the fabric to the underside of the table and fix with staples. Add legs to your table, or use it as a separate removable top, and your poker game can now commence!