4 Quick and Easy Fixes Around the House

DIY projects can be enjoyable and fun, at least while things are going well! But what do you do when you don’t have the right tools, or there’s a problem with a screw spinning? Issues like this can soon turn your fun weekend fix into real DIY disaster. But, do nor despair, there are ways around most issues that don’t break the bank or require you to run out for new tools. Here’s a few ideas.

Spinning Screws

Got a door or window that has slightly dropped off its hinges? Normally, this is down to the screw no longer biting into the wood and coming loose, and no matter how much you try to screw it back in place, it just keeps on spinning and slipping out of place. Rather than moving the hinge entirely, simply put a match, or wooden toothpick into the screw hole. When you put the screw back in, it will have wood to bite into and will stay securely in place.

Remove a Stripped Screw

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to unscrew something when the head is stripped. No matter which size screwdriver you use, it’s not going anywhere. One trick is to get a thick rubber band and stretch it over the screw head. Now, try to unscrew it again and you’ll find it much easier to move.

Cheap Adjustable Wrench

Do you need to remove a bolt but you don’t have the right size spanner or wrench? This is an easy fix that ensures you can remove any size bolt, without buying a new wrench. Simply attach a nut to another bolt, placing the original bolt head between the nut and new bolt head. Tighten it and spin the original bolt free. Another method is to use an over-sized spanner and to use coins to close the gap.

Stop Splitting

If you’re trying to hammer a nail or pin into a piece of wood but are worried about it splitting, simply pre-drill the holes making them slightly smaller than the nail or pin, before driving it home.